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Few things provide a feeling of comfort and luxury better than professionally installed, quality carpet. It is soft and easy on the feet, easy to care for, and reduces household noise. Alberta Carpet Centre Ltd is a carpet store in Edmonton offering sales and expert installations of high-quality carpets from some of the most trusted and respected manufacturers in the industry.

Available in a variety of colours, styles, patterns, textures and pricing options, carpet can be installed anywhere, even outdoors. Carpet offers an excellent value for your decorating dollar and is consistently listed among the most popular flooring choices for Canadian consumers. It is versatile and can be used in both formal and informal settings. Besides selling carpet, we offer a wide range of products such as – hardwood, stone and mosaics.


Care and Maintenance


You must use some measures to take care of your carpet. Listed below are solutions for common carpet problems:

Dents - Remove dents or compression marks from heavy objects by gently moistening with an ice cube and stroking with a coin.

Burns - You can use fingernail scissors to remove the burnt fibers.

Sprouts and Snags - Some fiber loss is considered normal, but do not pull out sprouts and snags. These can be easily cut with a pair of scissors.


To learn more about carpet maintenance, speak to our friendly professionals.


Contact Us Today

Alberta Carpet Centre Ltd offers an extensive and diverse carpet flooring collection to meet your needs. Whether you are shopping for flooring that will complement an already existing, furnished room or to serve as a focal point for a newly constructed space, you are sure to find just the right style and look to complete your décor at our Edmonton showroom. Stop by our store in Edmonton today to view our selection, or contact us for an estimate.


A Wide Range of Carpets Available

We provide carpets in a variety of colours, styles, patterns, and textures.

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